Mildronate and sport

Meldonium is a potent medication developed in 1970s, which got its popularity in sport in 1990s. However, the intake of Mildronate, which has Meldonium as an active component, has been prohibited for sportsmen since 2016 when the drug was recognized as a doping. Due to nootropic effect of the medication, it is still used for the increase of workouts efficiency.

Mildronate dosage for athletes

Why is Mildronate banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency?

Due to numerous Mildronate doping effects it was decided to include the preparation to the list of doping drugs. To the actions of the medication, which facilitated the ban belong:

  • Enhancement of metabolism;
  • Reducing of harmful effects of intensive workouts on heart;
  • Improvement of the nerve signals transition, which results in quicker reaction;
  • Lessening of time needed for muscle recovery and rest;
  • Optimization and bettering of the muscle power;
  • Reduction of fatigue;
  • Increase of endurance;
  • Bettering of cell oxygenation and, hence, lowering the probability of hypoxia;
  • Stress resistance.

Such characteristics of the drug gave reasons to doubt honesty and justice of the results of sportsmen who used Mildronate.

Meldonium detection time

Can sportsmen use Meldonium for bodybuilding?

Mildronate is actively used in bodybuilding as the training mode is very intensive and the loading on the human organism is immense. To support the heart and muscles and give them a possibility to recover faster, bodybuilders take Meldonium. Its intake helps:

  • Raise the effectiveness of the workouts;
  • Prevent the accumulation of activated forms of unoxidized fatty acids in muscles;
  • Activate the use of carbohydrates for better oxygenation of muscles and heart;
  • Protect heart and prevent ischemia;
  • Improve blood circulation;
  • Enhance durability of sportsmen and delay fatigue.

What is the right Mildronate dosage for athletes?

Dosing regimen of Mildronate for people using it for treatment of various ischemic problems and those using it off-label differs.

To get good results in sport, athletes should take higher doses of medication. The dose of Mildronate depends on the kind of sports (whether it is powerlifting or skating or skiing or anything else) and the loads the sportsmen experiences during the workout. The common dose for athletes is 15-20mg of Meldonium per 1kg of body mass.

The amount of drug needed also depends on the form one uses: either drugs or injections. Recommended daily dosage of pills is between 0.5g to 2g of Mildronate, whereas using injections demands 5-10mg of the medication per day.

Except the difference in quantity (compared to sick people) there is also difference in the time of its intake. Athletes are recommended to take a pill or make an injection approximately 30-40 minutes prior to the workout. The duration of Mildronate intake in sportsmen is from 6 to 12 weeks. The break between the courses should be not less than 4 weeks.

Meldonium detection time claimed by the manufacturers is about 8-12 hours. Maximal concentration of the drug in blood may be detected after 1-2 hours after the first intake. If taken on the regular basis, the figures may differ. Nevertheless, Meldonium may accumulate in the blood plasma and stay in the body for 100-120 days.