Mildronate side effects

Mildronate Side Effects

Generally meldonium is well tolerated and side effects are rare and mild. During the studies or in the post-marketing phase, cases of:

  • allergic reactions (only in clinical studies)
  • headache (in clinical studies only)
  • indigestion (in clinical studies only)
  • allergic dermatitis, urticaria
  • agitation, anxiety, tremors
  • sleep disorders
  • dizziness, abnormal gait
  • heart rate changes, heart rhythm disorders

There are no reported cases of overdose in the literature, however in case of accidental intake of an excessive amount of meldonium, it is necessary to check renal and hepatic function.

In people with pathological myocardial damage and heart failure, the drug is used to improve the metabolism of cardiac muscle cells. The cardioprotective effect of Mildronate in the treatment of coronary artery disease is the following:

  • increased tolerance of the heart muscle to stress,
  • reduction of necrosis,
  • improvement of blood circulation in the affected area,
  • reducing the duration of the rehabilitation period.

generic Mildronate side effects

In patients suffering from chronic heart disease, the drug can reduce the incidence of angina attacks. Also, the drug, as indicated in the instructions, increases the strength of contractions of the heart muscle and the power of cardiac output. With regular intake, Mildronate slows down the rate of pathological processes occurring in the myocardium.

It should not be used:

  • in case of hypersensitivity to the product
  • severe renal and / or hepatic failure
  • in patients under 18 years
  • in pregnant or nursing women

To obtain mildronate a non-repeatable medical prescription (as doping for oral use) is required, valid for 30 days only once.